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TAKE Supply Chain solutions enable manufacturers and distributors to orchestrate the movement of goods and related transactions through the extended supply networks. Our single data model approach complements existing enterprise applications such as Oracle® and SAP® to eliminate inefficiencies in supply chain, warehousing, data collection and reverse logistics by providing realtime data collection, track and trace capabilities.

Our approach addresses the following problems in the supply networks:

Excessive labor costs...due to inefficient process, manual practices or lack of access to right data at right place.
Shortages and missed deliveries...due to lack of control over inventory and movement of goods
Expediting costs....primarily from above, but also not balancing demand & supply.
Inability to track and trace materials...due to ERP systems that are not agile or too expensive.
Quality problems...arising from inability to detect early.
Compliance (regulatory, environmental, customer)...complex but expensive if not done correctly
Poor revenue visibility...wastage and costs hidden in the supply chain
Inability to respond to changing markets...due to not so agile ERP systems.

The above challenges are caused by some of the following:

Lack of control over outsourced operations, particularly in Contract Mfg, 3PL as they have no visbility to you,
Manual processes...still using paper, fax & other manual systems?
Disparate information systems...lack of single view of data.
Data accuracy...from multiple entries and manual processes
Shortage of IT resources...ERP systems require expensive staff.

We have taken these experiences, across various industries, in building and fine-tuning our Products & Solutions over 15 years with 1000+ implementations. Call us for a demo of how TAKE Solutions can improve your supply chain.
Call EmpowerIS on 1300 951395 (Australia) or Email:
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