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Supplier Relationship Management
Improving Communication for More Effective and Efficient Supplier Collaboration

In an effort to squeeze inefficiency out of their supply chains, many companies are adopting more strategic relationships with suppliers. This means a more fluid approach to shared processes and organizational boundaries. Contract manufacturers, 3PLs, and suppliers now ship directly to customers. They often work closely with enterprise procurement departments on gauging future demand. They collaborate with buyers on purchase orders and changes. Yet many of these transactions still take place by phone, fax, and email—increasing the potential for errors and slowing the exchange of information. To capitalize on the value of strategic relationships, companies must streamline communication with their suppliers and offer direct access to the latest information on orders, customers, inventories, shipments, and demand.

TAKE's Supplier Relationship Management opens the lines of communication with suppliers by providing the tools to manage shared processes. Companies can establish a virtual trading exchange with suppliers to facilitate collaboration on purchase order activity. They can also delegate purchase planning and ordering to their suppliers and contract manufacturers by giving them visibility into MRP demand to orchestrate future delivery schedules—eliminating layers of complexity in traditional processes. Suppliers can even collaborate on requisitions and update the enterprise’s online catalog with the latest product and pricing information. Shipment tracking and traceability enable a proactive approach to warehouse capacity issues and delivery scheduling, while direct fulfillment capabilities simplify shipping from partner locations. Tools for addressing non-conforming shipments can help companies and suppliers reach mutually beneficial agreements on quality issues and help suppliers anticipate problem shipments before they leave the dock.

Key Benefits:

•Streamline replenishment,   •Extend demand visibility   •Communicate demand changes more proactively
•Enhance direct fulfillment control    •Reduce non-conforming shipments

"[TAKE Supply Chain] has helped us approach our supply chain partnerships more strategically. We have more flexibility to forge new alliances and we’re able to help our partners be more efficient because of the capabilities we now offer. What’s more, as Petmate’s product line continues expanding in response to increasing demand, we now have the infrastructure to easily build relationships with new contract manufacturers."

— Jeff Black, Vice President of Distribution, Petmate

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