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Demand Driven Distribution and Fulfillment
TAKE Supply Chain’s Demand Driven Distribution and Fulfillment suite of applications provides the solutions for the demand side of the Demand Driven Supply Network. It targets the optimization of both forward and reverse logistics transactions within a manufacturing facility or warehouse through delivery of goods — whether direct or through multiple tiers of distributors.

Along the way, TAKE Supply Chain manages the movement of material, ensuring compliance to corporate policies and that the most efficient, cost-effective strategies are employed. Post-delivery, the Demand Driven Distribution and Fulfillment suite provides Reverse Logistics capabilities to ensure the appropriate information is gathered and the returns process is optimized, alleviating missteps that often plague today’s companies. Finally, the suite provides full warehouse management, asset tracking and maintenance capabilities to allow customers to manage their inventories and assets at the part level, which helps to continuously improve key performance indicators and the customer’s experience.

Demand Driven Distribution and Fulfillment provides:

•Full warehouse management
•Warehouse device integration with carousels, conveyers, etc.
•Asset tracking and asset maintenance
•Channel management
•Pricing and promotions management
•Reverse logistics/returns management
•Dynamic material routing and disposition

Each of these solutions are available as specific add-on products to Oracle/SAP ERP or you can implement them as a comprehensive package integrated into any of your existing ERP systems.
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