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The TAKE Supply Chain Implementation Methodology was developed to accomplish rapid, predictable and successful software implementations. TAKE Supply Chain has standardised the implementation processes, tasks and deliverables in a repeatable and flexible approach that maximises overall project success. The methodology defines the sequential phases and associated deliverables, data requirements and training goals necessary for a successful implementation of TAKE Supply Chain’s products and solutions.

The fundamental goal underlying the project methodology is to transfer TAKE Supply Chain’s product knowledge to the client, enabling the client to successfully take ownership of the implementation and solution early in the process. By correctly setting expectations and assigning specific tasks to the client project team, project success is significantly increased and the client has substantial involvement throughout the entire implementation.

The TAKE Supply Chain Implementation Methodology consists of five primary activities. Each phase has specific processes and quality reviews that have been developed based on over 1,000 implementations of TAKE Supply Chain solutions.

EmpowerIS will provide local Program & Project Managers to ensure all aspects of the project are well managed within scope, time and budget. From Consulting, Business Needs Analysis to Implementation, every step is carefully considered and executed. We start with Business Workshops with Executives and Business Users, then work our way through Needs Analysis, Project Scoping, Project Plan etc. before moving onto Preliminary Design (with Pilots as needed) to ensure Business is well prepared before launching Implementation while teaming with your IT. Once installed, the solution is tested at several levels, before going live in stages, staff are trained and finally the system handed over to go Live! We value Customer Satisfaction and Reference.

Such rigourous methodology ensures risk mitigation & project success within time, cost, resources available.

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