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In Australia, EmpowerIS is working with TAKE and no.of mining companies to develop unique Supply Chain solutions to extend their core ERP capabilities with Suppliers and Asset Tracking & Tracing functionalities.

TAKE has significant experience implementing solutions in Oil & Gas industry:

Oil and Gas companies in US & Middle East turned to TAKE Supply Chain to automate the procurement process with a Web-based solution that enables them to easily collaborate, purchase, track, and pay for materials and services.

This solution replaces 80-90% of the manual and paper-based processes that are used to buy materials and services by connecting a company to its suppliers through an extensive electronic network that includes over 5,000 suppliers, customers, freight forwarders, and other supply chain partners around the world.

Capabilities and benefits include:

•Web-based RFQ and purchase order creation system
•Business rules-driven workflow and approval capabilities
•Enable suppliers to submit electronic invoices, with attachments
•Support for multiple invoice types (PO-flip, non-PO, etc.)
•Out-of-the-box compliance with standards like PIDX
•No programming changes to your billing/accounting system
•On-demand system ensures minimal use of internal IT resources and no expensive hardware and software expenses

EmpowerIS, working with TAKE, brings these proven solutions to Australian Mining, Oil & Gas industries. For more info, call EmpowerIS on 1300 951395.

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